Kapalua, West Maui conservation request

With the drought, there is a reduction in rain water normally available throughout the Pu’u Kukui watershed. The Honokohau Ditch system, which supplies Kapalua’s non-potable and irrigation reservoirs, and the Maui County Mahinahina Water Treatment Facility, which supplies domestic water to a large portion of West Maui, are subsequently experiencing a severe reduction in supply. We expect drier conditions to continue through August and September

Our wells are currently keeping up with the increase in demand amid reduced supplies; however, the water supply for non-potable/irrigation uses has been stretched and is not able to refill at the same rate it is being used. For this reason, we are encouraging our Kapalua and West Maui customers to conserve water, especially outdoors for irrigation. To assist with these conservation efforts, please also report any water leaks to Hawaii Water customer service at (877) 886-7784.

We will continue to partner with both residential and commercial customers, including resorts and restaurants, to help ensure we continue to have a reliable supply of water, both now and for years to come. Thank you for your cooperation.