Urgent water conservation request for Kapalua non-potable water customers

Despite the improved drought conditions, which transitioned from D2 (severe drought) to D0 (abnormally dry) in late 2022, the source water supply in West Maui has not fully recovered. Additionally, we must meet state-required Intermittent In-stream Flow Standards (IIFS) of 13.4 CFS in the Honokohau stream and support Maui County’s Mahinahina Water Treatment Plant, which provides essential water for domestic use to West Maui and shares its source water with Kapalua non-potable water system. That system is now approaching critically low water levels.

As we continue to prioritize the Maui County Water Treatment Plant for potable, domestic water use, we are urging our Kapalua non-potable water customers to conserve water as much as possible to allow the non-potable water storage reservoirs to sustain safe storage levels and recover when water becomes available.

To assist with these conservation efforts, we ask that you also report any water leaks to our customer service team at (808) 883-2046 or toll-free (877) 886-7784.  Also, please be sure to turn off your irrigation system for 48 hours after rainfall and eliminate all other outdoor water use unless absolutely necessary for health and safety.

We will continue to partner with both residential and commercial customers, including resorts, golf courses, and restaurants, to help ensure we continue to have a reliable supply of water—potable and non-potable)—both now and for years to come. Mahalo for your cooperation.