Contractor Causes Kalaeloa-Barbers Point Leak

A contractor installing electrical ducts for Hawaiian Electric in Kalaeloa, Hawaii, hit a six-inch diameter sewer main today at 9:00 a.m., which caused a wastewater leak of approximately 9,000 gallons on the makai side of Eisenhower, just before Coral Sea Road. The wastewater was contained in the immediate area, and no wastewater flowed into any drainage facilities or the ocean at any time.

Hawaii Water’s system operators responded immediately; set up barricades, cones, and warning tape to restrict access and ensure public safety; isolated the sewer main valve; and shut off the sewer pump stations. The contractor mobilized private pumper truck contractors to assist in cleanup to enable repair of the pipeline. The wastewater leak was stopped in one hour; repairs have been completed to the sewer main, and it has been returned to service.

Hawaii Water has reported the leak and is working with the appropriate government agencies, including the Hawaii State Department of Health Wastewater Branch.

“We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our customers and neighbors,” said Tony Carrasco, Hawaii Water General Manager. “Being able to respond quickly also enabled us to keep the leak from impacting the environment.”