Automatic Payment Service (APS)

What is APS or Auto-Pay?

APS (also known as Auto-Pay) is a fast and reliable way to pay your utility bill. When you use APS, you authorize Hawaii Water to collect payment for your utility bill directly from your checking account. (Savings account deductions are only available through Bank of America.)

What are the benefits of Hawaii Water’s APS Payment?

You save time because there are no checks to write. You save money by avoiding the cost of mailing. You can be assured your utility bill will be paid in full and on time even if you are away from home. With APS, you still receive a paper bill that shows the withdrawal date and amount.

Can I set up Auto-Pay to be deducted from a credit card?

APS payments can only be deducted from your bank checking or Bank of America savings account. Pending Hawaii Public Utilities Commission approval, customers will soon have the option to pay via credit card by calling a toll-free automated payment phone number.

How much will APS cost me?

Automatic payment is a service provided by Hawaii Water at no charge to our customers.

How will I know the amount of the payment and when will I be debited?

When you receive your utility bill in the mail, you will see a message on your bill stating that you’re on automatic payment, the dollar amount, and when the payment will be applied. Example: Automatic payment of $79.95 will be applied on 4/5/2012.  Debiting of your checking or savings account will be 10 calendar days from the billing date for the full amount of your utility bill.

What if I think my bill is incorrect?

For questions concerning the accuracy of your utility bills, contact the Hawaii Water Customer Center as soon as you receive your utility bill. Every effort will be made to make any necessary corrections before the due date.

How do I enroll?

To enroll, please complete the application form. The form is also available by contacting the Hawaii Water Customer Center at (808) 883-2046 or toll-free (877) 886-7784. Complete the form, attach a voided check (if deducting from checking account), and bring it to the Hawaii Water Customer Center at 68-1845 Waikoloa Road, Unit 216, or mail it to P.O. Box 384809, Waikoloa, HI 96738.

How do I discontinue APS service with Hawaii Water?

You can discontinue your APS arrangement at any time by writing or calling the Hawaii Water Customer Center. For telephone cancellations, please have your Hawaii Water bill available for verification.

Automatic Payment Service Policies

  1. All applications for automatic payment must be made on a Hawaii Water Automatic Payment Service Application Form.
  2. A separate form must be submitted for each account.
  3. All applications for payment from a checking account must include a voided, blank check to insure the accuracy of customer’s checking account routing and account numbers.
  4. Customers will be charged $10 for automatic payments rejected by the banking institution of the customer’s account.
  5. The customer is responsible for notifying Hawaii Water of changes in bank account information. When bank account information changes, the customer is also responsible for completing a new application form and submitting a new voided, blank check.
  6. Hawaii Water reserves the right to deny any application or cancel current automatic payment arrangements with any customer without penalty.