Why does Hawaii Water sometimes flush water from pipes?

At Hawaii Water, we conduct periodic flushing as part of our ongoing water quality and water system maintenance program. By opening certain fire hydrants under controlled conditions, we remove minerals and sediment that build up in water lines over time. (Fire hydrants may also be opened to conduct fire-flow capability tests.)

This improves water quality and increases the amount of water that can flow through the water lines.

Although it may seem wasteful to the casual observer, flushing is actually an important and necessary water utility activity that is endorsed by the American Water Works Association and conducted in accordance with guidelines set by the Hawaii Department of Health Services.

You will continue to receive water while we are flushing, but the pressure might be lowered temporarily. If you notice any discoloration and/or sediment in your water after we have flushed, please allow water to run from your outside hose bib until it clears.