How to Read Your Bill (West Hawaii Water)

Hawaii Water’s bills feature an easy-to-read account summary, usage history graph to help customers keep track of consumption, detailed description of charges, a place for important messages, and meter information.

A sample bill for a West Hawaii Water customer is below.

Sample Hawaii Water bill

  • Billing date
    Date your bill was printed.
  • Account number
    Your 10-digit account number.
  • Bill message
    This is where important messages will appear.
  • Contact information
    Your local Customer Center.
  • Summary of your account
    Current charge and previous balance information.
  • Current charges
  • Prior balance and payment
  • Amount due
    The amount that you owe.
  • Service address
    Address of service location.
  • Service dates
    The beginning and end of the billing period for service.
  • Service charge
    Monthly charge based upon the size of water meter.
  • Quantity charge
    Measured in units of 1,000 gallons.
  • Power cost adjustment
    Electricity cost.
  • Usage history
    Thirteen months of consumption history.
  • Meter and reading information
  • Portion of bill to return with your payment (unless enrolled in APS)
  • Address to remit payment