Low-Income Home Water Assistance Program

For a limited time, Hawaii Water customers who meet maximum income limits may be able to receive financial assistance from the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services’ (DHS) Low Income Home Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) to help pay their water or wastewater bills. LIHWAP is a temporary, federally funded program that offers a one-time benefit of up to $2,000 for bills accrued during any time frame.

Am I eligible?

Eligibility information may vary based on income, place of residence, or other factors. Households whose utility payments are included in their rent may also be eligible for LIHWAP.

According to the federal LIHWAP web site, the state of Hawaii has not published specific income guidelines for this program. Federally funded programs, including LIHWAP, use a percentage of the Federal Poverty Level as the income criteria for program participation. To qualify, contact your island’s Community Action Agency (CAA) to see what percentage applies in Hawaii.

More information and your island’s CAA contact information can be found on the DHS application form.

How do I apply?

Completed applications must be submitted to your island’s CAA, which is listed on page 1 of the application form. They cannot be processed through Hawaii Water or DHS.

Additional Assistance

If you are struggling to pay your water bills, Hawaii Water offers additional customer assistance programs, such as payment arrangements and extensions. Please Contact Us to discuss a plan that may be right for you—we are here to help.