Ka’anapali General Rate Case, Docket 2022-0140

On February 1, 2024, Hawaii Water filed a General Rate Case with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (HPUC) to seek recovery of capital investments made to its Ka’anapali system and operating expenses, which serves customers on the island of Maui. If approved as filed, total annual revenue would increase by $658,651.

Capital investments are necessary to stay in compliance with Department of Health regulations and to provide reliable service.  Hawaii Water has completed and plans to complete several capital investment projects to ensure you receive reliable water service, including:

Millions of Dollars Invested
Tanks and Reservoirs $ 2.04
Emergency Generators $ 1.23
Water Supply and Pumping $ 1.17
Other $ 1.91
Total $ 6.35

The Company has also proposed to include two tariff riders: (1) a credit back to customers of approximately $13.89 for over-collected income tax expense related to the reduction in the federal income tax rate resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Credit; and (2) a charge of approximately $13.06 to collect deferred COVID-19 expenses and unrecovered revenue related to the pandemic.

We are committed to delivering safe, reliable, and high-quality utility services to our Ka’anapali system customers and operating in an environmentally responsible manner. We also work hard to operate efficiently and keep costs down. It’s part of our commitment to providing our customers with quality, service, and value. We do not yet know what the Commission will approve or the impact to customers’ bills.

The HPUC will thoroughly review Hawaii Water’s operations, finances, service, and capital improvements and may approve our request, modify the amount we can recover, or deny our request.

For more details on the filing and the rate-setting process, see our General Rate Case Docket No. 2022-0140 below. You can also view the filing and related documents at hpuc.my.site.com/cdms (Docket No. 2022-0140).

GRC Application Documents